About us

Market Research Vietnam is a consulting firm multinational corporations and government agencies choose when they need evidence-based strategic advice in Vietnam. We collect market information and provide suggestions based on expert analysis so that our clients have the market understanding necessary to achieve enduring results.

With Solidiance's experienced consultants, we help clients comprehend the Vietnam market landscape, identify opportunities, and prepare strategies to enter and quickly grow in this quickly developing market. Our team is comprised of seasoned consultants with deep and extensive Vietnam and Indochina market experience. Our consultants are trained to skillfully gather facts from customers, suppliers, and intermediaries in the marketplace and then analyze this data to develop actionable insights and sound business strategies.

We consistently earn the satisfaction of our clients and are proud to have repeatedly worked for companies such as BASF, Kawasaki, Microsoft, Essilor, DuPont, Phillips, Toyota, Boston Scientific, Nokia, and Baxter.

Solidiance has offices in Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Some of Our Team

DAMIEN DUHAMEL | Managing Director

Damien has more than 17 years of marketing strategy consulting related experience in the Asia Pacific region. From 1995- and 2000, Damien managed a boutique market intelligence consultancy based In Vietnam and helped dozens of foreign investors enter Vietnam. Prior to Solidiance, Damien was the Asia Pacific Managing Director of the consulting arm of London-listed Aegis Plc. Based in Singapore he managed the entire unit consisting of 15 offices worldwide. During his tenure as business unit leader, revenue increased four folds. Damien has worked on multiple Fortune 500 and Government projects across Asia. Recognized as an innovation and competitive strategy expert, he frequently holds presentations and is often interviewed on the topic. Damien holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Damien has been in Asia Pacific for the past 23 years and in Singapore for the last 11. Damien speaks fluent Vietnamese and basic Japanese.


Michael Sieburg is the manager for Solidiance’s Ho Chi Minh City office. With 5 years of experience working and studying in Vietnam, Michael has led market entry, market growth, and site selection projects across a range of sectors, including high-tech, manufacturing, and consumer goods. Previously based in New York City, Michael worked as a research analyst covering Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos for Roubini Global Economic Monitor, a leading global economic and market strategy research firm. While in New York, he also carried out bespoke research assignments covering Vietnam for the Eurasia Group, the world’s premiere political risk consulting firm. Michael graduated with a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. During his graduate studies, Michael was awarded a teaching assistantship for the course, Economic Development, as well as a grant to study the Vietnamese language from the Center for International Business Education and Research. Michael has also studied Vietnamese at universities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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