Market Landscape for Portable Energy Generators in Vietnam

18 Aug 2020   |  Vietnam


Conducting a complete review of the portable energy genset and engine market in Vietnam for a Japanese large engine manufacturer.


Our client, a Japanese large engine manufacturer, wanted to have a complete review of the portable energy genset and engine market in three ASEAN countries, including Vietnam. The client needed to consider the scale of the industry, market share of competitors, business dynamics and obstacles, customer segmentation, sales networks, and future trends.

Market Landscape for Portable Energy Generators


YCP Solidiance placed a team composed of 7 senior consultants including two Principals on this project. Our team liaised regularly with our client’s teams in Japan to provide weekly updates. Our team provided a detailed landscape of the gensets and engine market, with growth opportunities per customer segment. We also provided potential new partners to boost sales in Vietnam.


Our team supported the client by offering a two-step approach: an analysis of the growing energy region. Supply policies (as power constraints are the key cause of generator purchases) and industry scale, market position, consumer segmentation, and distribution analysis. Interviews in various regional areas of Vietnam have also been conducted with a view to capturing sector disparities around each region. This technique has been extended to both compact generators and multi-purpose engines.


Our analysis presented the client with the requisite knowledge and resources to better appreciate the market situations, trends, and development potential of the products. This research was helpful for our clients to learn what business they should target, what development they can anticipate in the next five years, why, and with what sort of engines. Our "on-the-ground evidence checking" changed our client 's view of the most successful product categories in the industry.