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Find further prospects in the fast-growing consumer and retail sectors, one of the main economic foundations in Vietnam, home to a population of 96 million.

Vietnam Consumer & Retail Consulting
Market Research FMCG Vietnam
The market is constantly growing. This is driven by increasing customer preferences, wages, and actions. Vietnam has seen a rapid increase in total consumer spending from US$ 80 billion to US$ 171 billion between 2010-2018. Its user base is a youthful group between the ages of 25 and 54, responsible for more than 45 per cent of the population.

The Vietnamese retail market is expected to have a solid double-digit growth of 12.14 per cent in CAGR between 2019-2024. Retail prices of products rose to VND 3751 trillion in 2019. Independent small grocers have produced the highest retail value, although there has been a change to modern trade networks.

Our Market Research Vietnam team provides market and business advisory services to direct our clients in a range of fields such as FMCG, branded products, e-commerce, business digitalisation, customer travel management, and much others. We 're going to help you win over large-scale opportunities in the attractive Vietnamese consumer market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Vietnam Market Intelligence

Customers will be supported by evidence-based market insights to predict changes in market preferences and the competitive landscape.

Vietnam Market Entry

Our team offers strategic consulting services to clients that are preparing to penetrate and grow the Vietnam business by offering critical industry details, including buyers, networks, investors, vendors, competitors and many more.

Vietnam Competitive Intelligence

We conduct comprehensive market competition in Vietnam and find solutions to avoid costly omissions and re-inventions. Clients would gain a distinct edge when jumping into the undisguised opportunities and blind points on the sector.

Vietnam Customer Intelligence

Our advisors will provide companies with deep insights into consumer purchasing habits, behaviors and actions that can lead to the production of new products.

Our Success Stories

Commercial Due Diligence for Acquisition of Vietnam Generics Pharma Co.

YCP Solidiance developed a comprehensive due diligence framework that comprised a full-fledged analysis of the market, customer segment, product segments, competition, distribution channels, coupled with an in-depth internal assessment of the Target's operations, commercial activities, risk factors, etc.


Our Success Stories

Manufacturing Site Selection for Industrial Tools in Vietnam

YCP Solidiance placed a team composed of a project manager and three consultants on this project. The team visited established and emerging industrial zones in Vietnam to conduct in-depth interviews with industrial zone management, other manufacturers, and relevant government agencies & industry associations.



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