Enhance and refine the whole production process to meet consumer demands on the Vietnamese market.

Vietnam Manufacturing Consulting
Market Research Manufacturing Vietnam
The country has key advantages in the industry. Vietnam 's industrial industry accounted for 16.48% of the country's overall GDP in 2019, hitting a volume of VND995.13 trillion. The output index of the manufacturing sector, along with the share of employed workers in the sector, has also gradually risen in recent years.

Vietnam is potentially becoming Asia's next "manufacturing hub". Aware of global integration, the Government of Vietnam is encouraging more foreign companies to build manufacturing centers in the country.

Our Market Research Vietnam team helps companies navigate the Vietnam manufacturing industry through our consulting services in various segments, including manufacturing and processing, logistics and supply chain, industry 4.0, big data, industrial IoT & AI, industrial lubricants, aftermarket industrial machinery, and many more.

Our Key Service Offerings

Vietnam Market Intelligence

We obtain and interpret data to offer strategic visibility into the environment and the potential business plans, allowing clients to predict shifts in consumer preferences and the competitive landscape.

Vietnam Market Entry

We find a viable alternative to minimize financial volatility and develop the best commercial market entry plan, use applicable data on industry conditions such as rivals, consumers, networks, suppliers and many more.

Vietnam Competitive Intelligence

We accurately assess competition in the local Vietnam market and learn from past experience to avoid costly infringements. Clients will have a unique and strategic advantage by discovering untapped market opportunities and blind spots for competitors.

Vietnam Customer Intelligence

We use relevant data to recognize specific consumer attributes, help clients appreciate and create stronger and more reliable customer relationships.

Our Success Stories

Commercial Due Diligence for Acquisition of Vietnam Generics Pharma Co.

YCP Solidiance developed a comprehensive due diligence framework that comprised a full-fledged analysis of the market, customer segment, product segments, competition, distribution channels, coupled with an in-depth internal assessment of the Target's operations, commercial activities, risk factors, etc.


Our Success Stories

Manufacturing Site Selection for Industrial Tools in Vietnam

YCP Solidiance placed a team composed of a project manager and three consultants on this project. The team visited established and emerging industrial zones in Vietnam to conduct in-depth interviews with industrial zone management, other manufacturers, and relevant government agencies & industry associations.



Vietnam’s Healthcare Cost Challenge
Vietnam’s Healthcare Cost Challenge: Actions to Take

Vietnam continues to face healthcare expenditure challenge, according to Solidiance’s white paper, “The ~USD 320 billion healthcare challenge in ASEAN.

Vietnam Become Global Agriculture Powerhouse
Vietnam Pursues Plan to Become a Global Agriculture Powerhouse

Vietnam is currently pursuing an ambitious plan to become a global agricultural powerhouse by 2030.

Vietnam’s Passenger Vehicle Market
Vietnam’s Passenger Vehicle Market Continues to Grow

Vietnam’s passenger vehicles market is forecast to continue its upward growth trend, with sales reaching ~225,000 units by 2020.

Fintech in Vietnam Market
Have Fintech Companies Really Disrupted the Vietnamese Market?

New Fintech Report on Vietnamese market provided by Solidiance.

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