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We are the leading partner for private equity and investment firms to address complex investment challenges in the promising Vietnam market.

Vietnam Private Equity & Investment Consulting
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Vietnam is an attractive regional destination. With its high development and increasing rates of income and urbanization, the nation is drawing a lot of private equity. Vietnam was rated one of the four most active private equity markets in Southeast Asia in 2018, with more than US$ 1.6 billion raised in the country's private equity industry, up 285 per cent year on year.

Market Research Vietnam 's qualified advisors provide private equity and investment consulting services to clients in a range of main fields, including Vietnam's M&A approach, fintech, fund and success monitoring, exit assistance, among others. Clients should be directed to address present and potential obstacles over the whole investment life cycle.

Our Key Service Offerings

Vietnam Market Intelligence

We use various sources of realistic marketplace to build a wide image of the Vietnam sector. We support clients foresee a dramatic change in consumer demand and the rise of emerging business dynamics.

Vietnam Market Entry

Viable solutions are evaluated to reduce financial volatility for consumers by relevant market data , ranging from networks, partners , customers, competitors , suppliers and other market dynamics.

Vietnam Competitive Intelligence

We conduct a comprehensive review to help clients grasp rivalry in local Vietnam's sector and prevent expensive omissions and innovations. Strategic benefits for our consumers are ensured by finding undiscovered business gaps and weak points of competitors on the sector.

Vietnam Customer Intelligence

In order to offer competitive insight to the production of new goods, our team will evaluate the persona of the consumer to order to determine the behaviour, behavioral and purchasing patterns of the targeted consumers.

Our Success Stories

Commercial Due Diligence for Acquisition of Vietnam Generics Pharma Co.

YCP Solidiance developed a comprehensive due diligence framework that comprised a full-fledged analysis of the market, customer segment, product segments, competition, distribution channels, coupled with an in-depth internal assessment of the Target's operations, commercial activities, risk factors, etc.


Our Success Stories

Manufacturing Site Selection for Industrial Tools in Vietnam

YCP Solidiance placed a team composed of a project manager and three consultants on this project. The team visited established and emerging industrial zones in Vietnam to conduct in-depth interviews with industrial zone management, other manufacturers, and relevant government agencies & industry associations.



Vietnam Residential
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Vietnam’s EV Market
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