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Capture new opportunities in Vietnam 's technology, media and telecommunications and explore creative digital and high-tech solutions.

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Market Research TMT Vietnam
The industry is an essential driver for transformation. The forecast for Vietnam 's ICT sector is high at an estimated growth pace of 8% between 2016 and 2020. The industry is expected to expand immensely as Vietnam develops as a manufacturing hub for both IT hardware and services, such as outsourcing software creation. The government has also promised to spend roughly US$ 415 million in the ICT industry from the state budget by 2020. It is also encouraging the implementation and growth of IT, as illustrated by Industry 4.0 and the ASEAN Smart City Network.

Our Market Research Vietnam team offers technology, media & telecommunications advisory services to clients through core areas such as IoT and Big Data, Applied Analytics, AI, Cloud Computing, 5G Network, Virtual Technology, AR & VR, and much others. We help clients address challenging business issues and win over the promising Vietnamese market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Vietnam Market Intelligence

Our deep hands-on industry knowledge allows us to have realistic insights into Vietnam's marketplace. Clients should be driven to anticipate dramatic shifts in consumer preferences and the economic environment.

Vietnam Market Entry

We seek to reduce financial volatility for consumers who are preparing to join and expand in the emerging sector by delivering business resources for clients, competitors, networks, vendors, partners, and many more.

Vietnam Competitive Intelligence

We conduct a comprehensive study of Vietnam market competition and learn from previous best practices to avoid excessive infringements. Strategic advantages are given to our clients by exploiting untapped business potential and finding the blind spots of competitors.

Vietnam Customer Intelligence

We gather data from various outlets to determine potential consumers who are purchasing habits, preferences and attitudes, and who are contributing to the development of innovative products.

Our Success Stories

Commercial Due Diligence for Acquisition of Vietnam Generics Pharma Co.

YCP Solidiance developed a comprehensive due diligence framework that comprised a full-fledged analysis of the market, customer segment, product segments, competition, distribution channels, coupled with an in-depth internal assessment of the Target's operations, commercial activities, risk factors, etc.


Our Success Stories

Manufacturing Site Selection for Industrial Tools in Vietnam

YCP Solidiance placed a team composed of a project manager and three consultants on this project. The team visited established and emerging industrial zones in Vietnam to conduct in-depth interviews with industrial zone management, other manufacturers, and relevant government agencies & industry associations.



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