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Reaping Vietnam’s Gold Through Free Trade Agreements
Reaping Vietnam’s Gold Through Free Trade Agreements
09 Apr 2021   |   Vietnam

Under the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the UK-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, the EU nations and Vietnam remove most import duties on various goods.

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Vietnam's Bold Approaches to Become a Manufacturing Hub
Vietnam's Bold Approaches to Become a Manufacturing Hub
19 Mar 2021   |   Vietnam

Since Vietnamese Resolution No. 23/NQ/TW, Vietnam aims to become ASEAN's top three industrialized economies by focusing on three pillars of their leading industries; the industrial sector, processing industries, and the manufacturing industry.

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Vietnam’s Healthcare Cost Challenge
Vietnam’s Healthcare Cost Challenge: Actions to Take
03 Aug 2020   |   Vietnam

Vietnam continues to face healthcare expenditure challenge, according to Solidiance’s white paper, “The ~USD 320 billion healthcare challenge in ASEAN.

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Vietnam Become Global Agriculture Powerhouse
Vietnam Pursues Plan to Become a Global Agriculture Powerhouse
09 Jul 2020   |   Vietnam

Vietnam is currently pursuing an ambitious plan to become a global agricultural powerhouse by 2030.

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Vietnam’s Passenger Vehicle Market
Vietnam’s Passenger Vehicle Market Continues to Grow
18 Jun 2020   |   Vietnam

Vietnam’s passenger vehicles market is forecast to continue its upward growth trend, with sales reaching ~225,000 units by 2020.

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