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Market Research Vietnam helps global corporations develop and broaden their markets by extensive customer data and analysis services.

Are you faced with some of these issues?

Does your small sector limit market size?

Are you applicating the same corporate model in various SEA markets?

Are you depending on unverified business decision information?

Are your business plans simply initiated on the basis of macro data?

Service Offerings

Strategic Recommendation - marketresearchvietnam.com

Strategic Recommendations

Comprehensive market entry / growth / business expansion plan / strategic approaches with comprehensive timetable, effect and feedback on product mix, positioning and company priorities.

Market Size/Trends - marketresearchvietnam.com

Market Size/Trends

Assess market size / trends centered on knowledge gathered from key players, spanning from micro / macro economic indicators as well as associated industrial factors.

Industry Structure - marketresearchvietnam.com

Industry Structure

Comprising various local market players of the target business, we give specifics on the local distribution network and illustrate the problems / gaps that exist amongst the main players.

Company Structure - marketresearchvietnam.com

Company Structure

Analyze the local organizational framework of the target organization on the basis of primary and secondary analysis.

Competitive Intelligence - marketresearchvietnam.com

Competitive Intelligence

Comprehend local market of target firms (sale trends / partnerships / promotions / sales channels)

Qualitative Research - marketresearchvietnam.com

Qualitative Research

We establish and perform various interview methods; (e.g. face-to - face interviews / products using test / mystery shopper / consumer survey / telephone survey)

Quantitative Survey - marketresearchvietnam.com

Quantitative Survey

We conduct internet and street surveys, with the design and development of research methodology, and the disclosure of results and findings.

Customer Understanding - marketresearchvietnam.com

Customer Understanding

Interview new and prospective clients to evaluate their requirements and business quality, decision-making processes and established vendors, plan out product solutions to uncharted and developed markets.

Channel Understanding - marketresearchvietnam.com

Channel Understanding

Scanning accessible public records and documentation from channel partners / distributors and relevant stakeholders.

Opportunity Assessment - marketresearchvietnam.com

Opportunity Assessment

Identify all possible market entry / growth options and analyze all market entry / growth options based on the defined benchmark formula utilizing the attractiveness formula.

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